The new T-80 Series truck temperature control unit costs less to operate.

Reduced run time due to more efficient pull down means you can expect 5-20% in fuel savings compared to current units.<

Faster pull down reduces run time, extending calendar time between service intervals.<

The T-80 series builds on the most reliable truck platform in the industry, giving you peace of mind.<

Maintenance means a couple of negative things for your business - units that are out of service and the costs associated with maintenance and repair. Because the T-80 Series has been designed and refined with these things in mind, you’ll see a couple of results you’ll like a lot more - less maintenance downtime and lower maintenance costs.

  • Double-digit maintenance savings for a real impact on your bottom line
  • EMI (extended maintenance interval) of 2000 hours is the longest in the industry, lowering downtime and maintenance costs
  • Scroll compressor requires less maintenance with 87% fewer moving parts than traditional compressors

Reduce maintenance costs and waste with EMI-2000 extended maintenance interval
  • Reduces clean up and disposal costs
  • Reduces environmental impact with less spillage and less waste
  • Extends engine life
  • Lower maintenance costs than competitive models
  • More uptime with less time in the shop
QuickTemp brings your load to setpoint faster, which means less runtime on your unit and less maintenance
  • Faster pull down at start up, faster recovery after door openings
  • Reduces run time by up to 20% over current model
  • Extends calendar time between routine maintenance
  • Extends the life of critical components
T80_Skyline.jpgUP TO 20% Lower Fuel Costs
Because fuel expenses make up a large part of your budget, the T-80 Series was developed to take advantage of the latest fuel-saving technologies to deliver better fuel economy than ever before.
  • Consumes up to 20% less fuel in all ambient conditions, hauling fresh or frozen
  • QuickTemp pulls down temperature faster, consuming less fuel to reach the set point
  • SmartPower electric standby eliminates fuel usage during shore power operation for additional savings
  • Advanced fuel-saving control technology with the TSR-3 control system for greater efficiency

SmartPower Electric Standby
The SmartPower electric standby option allows the units to operate on electric power in addition to being powered by the standard diesel engine, which saves fuel, reduces engine wear and cuts emissions.

  • Reduced operating costs of up to 75%
  • Reduced diesel emissions
  • Reduced noise
  • Lower maintenance costs UP TO 20% Lower Fuel Costs
  • Less waste generated
  • Reduced life cycle cost
  • Extended reefer lifespan
  • A technology refined for over 50 years by Thermo King

Improved efficiency across the entire T-80 range of units

QUICKTEMP Technology

QuickTemp technology utilizes an electronic throttling valve system, and is standard on all T-80 Series units. QuickTemp allows you to realize major long-term benefits, including significant fuel savings, improved temperature control and reduced maintenance.

QuickTemp Control with ETV + SR3
  • Reduces engine run time over 20%
  • Patent Pending Control Algorithms

QuickTemp_Savings.JPGQuickTemp is a patent-pending refrigeration control system that measures engine loading conditions in real time and adjusts refrigeration output to maximize performance and optimize engine operation. The SR-3 controller monitors engine speed, system pressures and alternator loading to find an optimal electronic throttling valve position for the conditions.


Benefits of QuickTemp

Better Control
Improves temperature recovery and provides more consistent temperature, keeping the load fresh.
Lower Costs
Because saving money is crucial, QuickTemp reduces operating costs by reducing fuel consumption and required maintenance.
Time Savings
Pulldown is up to 65% faster, saving operators time on the front end of trips.
Longer Life
Because it reduces the high speed run time required, QuickTemp will make your Thermo King unit last longer.
T80_Engine.jpgT-80 SAVES FUEL
  • Engine runs over 20% less than today’s model
  • Unit pulls down faster, gets to setpoint faster and shuts down
New TK374 and TK380 Engines
  • EPA & CARB Compliant
  • Proven design, slightly increased displacement
  • New head, & mechanical fuel pump
  • Slower Engine speeds on Recip units (2200rpm vs 2425rpm)
Remember:  All truck units have a 7 year CARB Life (No-Evergreen)


T80_RecipCompressor.jpgReliable Reciprocating Compressors
The industry standard for proven reliability and easy service.
  • High volumetric efficiency vs. other reciprocating compressors due to
    more pumping capacity per cubic inch
  • Reliable, time-tested design
  • Field-repairable for easy service
    • No special tools or facilities required
    • Removable and replaceable cast iron cylinder sleeve design


T80_ScrollCompressor.jpgThe Most Advanced Scroll Compressors Ever
The clear choice for peak efficiency and maximum cooling capacity.
  • Up to 10% more fuel efficient
  • High efficiency and greater capacity
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Less maintenance (87% fewer moving parts)
  • E nickel-plated Oldham coupling for greater reliability


The TSR-3 Control System
Easy to use. Hard to beat.
T80_SideBar_TSR3.jpgPowerful and simple to use, the TSR-3 Control System makes it easy for your drivers to accurately manage the temperature in the truck, no matter what you’re hauling. Step-by-step instructions, depicted in symbolic form, make precisely setting and adjusting the reefer quick and easy, helping your drivers, your customers and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Symbolic Interface
No language required, so it’s easy-to-understand and use, no matter what language the driver speaks. Designed to greatly reduce operator errors.

Fuel Savings
The TSR-3 features several improved fuel-saving features, including CYCLESENTRY mode, Fuel Saver II technology and electronic door switch input.

Enhanced Load Management
QuickTemp provides optimum unit capacity over the full range of ambient and cargo temperatures, effectively managing the load on the engine.

Improved Diagnosing with ServiceWatch
Better diagnostics make it easier for drivers to understand and respond to potential problems, the first line of defense in transport refrigeration.

Easy-to-Read LED Display
LED (Light Emitting Diode) display is bright and clear for better visibility in all light conditions and functions perfectly in all temperature conditions.

Enhanced Safety and Security
At the end of the day, protecting your load is what it’s all about. The TSR-3 was designed to make that job easier and even more effective with a range of security and safety features and warning systems.
(Note: T-580R comes with TSR control system)


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