TriPac Evolution


TriPac EvolutionTriPac Evolution:
 The next generation APU that delivers lower operating costs and improved serviceability.

Built on the industry-leading TriPacTM auxiliary power unit (APU) and supported by the Thermo King dealer network, the TriPac Evolution raises the bar even higher with unrivaled performance, low operating costs, easy operation and true peace-of-mind.

The TriPac Evolution was not only designed to meet Tier IV EPA final regulation requirements; it was designed to meet evolving customer needs by leveraging new patented technology to drive unit performance, efficiency and user productivity. Its performance is uncompromised. The operational savings are real.

Unrivaled Performance
With virtually unlimited heating and cooling power and a new control system to accurately diagnose issues, the TriPac Evolution’s performance is industry-leading. The control system is flash-loadable and includes a data logger. Diagnostics are improved with 22 alarm codes, and the charging system has been enhanced with amperage-based decision making. The new system gives flexibility to users, allowing customers’ to focus on fuel consumption, driver comfort or battery life to enhance their needs as appropriate.

Lower Operating Costs
Easier access to components and the longest maintenance interval in the industry keep costs down and help customers better align maintenance schedules. The TriPac Evolution features a larger oil sump that enables the unrivaled 1,500 hour service interval. New unit skins allow easier servicing access. The fuel pump and a new serviceable fuel pre-filter is relocated to the front of the unit for easy access, and the new bottom pan design allows for access to belt adjustment and the alternator. For skirted tractor applications, a reverse-hinged oil access door is pro-vided, and a bottom pan pivots on rear fasteners for easy install and removal.
Easy Operation
Operating the TriPac Evolution is easy. By moving to a three knob design that aligns with automotive architecture, the need for in depth operator training has been eliminated.

Appearance Package
The TriPac Evolution gives you big-time performance, and it can also up the visual appeal of your rig. Add a diamond plate top cover to set yourself apart from the pack.
Peace of Mind
Thermo King is the only APU manufacturer to offer nationwide 24/7 service through its world class dealer network. The TriPac Evolution unit’s reliability is built on 100,000 units of experience. The peace of mind offered is priceless. “The TriPac Evolution APU puts more money into operators’ pockets while ensuring drivers’ needs are more than accounted for,” said Paul Barbaro, Thermo King APU product manager.
Greater Fuel Savings
Programmable settings within the controller means the TriPac Evolution doesn’t heat or cool the cab during out-of-service days; it simply monitors and maintains battery voltage and engine coolant temperatures so that the tractor starts dependably.
Reduced Weight
Weight is important in your business, and every pound that can be reduced from your equipment means one more pound of revenue-generating cargo. So not only is the TriPac Evolution packed with innovative new technologies, it also weighs over 50 pounds less than the previous TriPac. That’s more cargo you can carry with every load and more money in your pocket.


Stress Less over Fluctuating Fuel Costs

Fuel represents a significant portion of your operational costs, and the frequent fluctuations in price can be worrisome and costly. The fact is, fuel prices have risen significantly over the last decade. Investing in the TriPac Evolution system today means less stress next time fuel prices spike. Waiting until fuel costs reach a specific point to get your TriPac Evolution means waiting to take advantage of the savings and not being ready for the inevitable future fuel cost increases.

 The TriPac Evolution: Cashflow-Positive from month ONE!



1500-Hour Maintenance Interval

TriPac Evolution was designed with an unequaled 1500-hour maintenance interval, allowing maintenance to be performed every other time that maintenance is performed on the tractor, saving time and eliminating additional downtime for APU maintenance. Actual maintenance intervals on the TriPac Evolution are even further extended when the auto start/stop function is taken into account. This feature turns the TriPac Evolution on only when needed, saving fuel and reducing the number of hours the unit runs compared to the competition.



The TriPac Evolution provides truck
engine preheating, battery charging,
truck cab sleeper compartment climate
control and electric power.

Thermo King Tier IV final-compliant
2-cylinder diesel engine

Evaporator Airflow
250 ft3/min

14.5V, 65 amp
14.5V, 120 amp (optional)

HFC R-134a

Thermo King TM-15
Air Conditioning Compressor

Air Conditioning Capacity*
BTU/hr Watts
13,000 3,810

The TriPac HMI (Human Machine
Interface) Controller features a simple
three-knob design for easy operation.

Heating Capacity
BTU/hr Watts
7,500 2,200
13,600 3,986 (optional)

System Weight (approx.)
APU Unit: 345 lbs (156 kg)
HVAC System: 70 lbs (32 kg)

*ARI STD 310/380 - Standard for Packaged
Terminal Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps
for the rating conditions of 80F Box, 50%
humidity, and 95°F ambient.

Option Ordering Guide:

Driver CONVENIENCE Package (073035)
Includes 1,800 watt inverter and two GFI receptacles. 120 amp alternator provides quicker battery charging under heavy accessory loads. Ideal for supersized sleepers and drivers with heavy appliance usage during rest periods.
Stand-By Truck Integration with
 Dash-Mounted Selector Switch (073016)

Provides the driver the ability to place the TriPac Evolution in a non-start mode (used during tractor  fueling, service situations or when exiting the tractor) from the driver’s seat.
High Output Heater (005018)
With 13,600 BTUs of heat, this heater will keep you warm on the coldest of nights. With only slightly higher fuel consumption than the standard heater, this option is popular with drivers operating in the northern United States and in Canada.

 Arctic Package (073025)

Monitors tractor engine coolant temperature and automatically starts the TriPac Evolution to heat the shared engine coolant. Reduces cold weather starting issues for the tractor even after extended periods of no operation in cold temperatures.
Stand-By Truck Integration (073015)
Provides seamless activation of the TriPac Evolution control system based on tractor engine off/on indication.

 Closed Loop Cooling (073026)

Lets the TriPac Evolution run independently of tractor coolant and allows “limp home” capability in case of tractor alternator failure.

 Remote ENGINE Hour Meter (073022)

Provides engine time tracking for accurate and effective preventive maintenance.

 Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) (073027)

Certified CARB-compliant for operation in the state of California. Standard mount.

 DUAL Remote Hour Meter (005029)

Provides separate heater and TriPac Evolution engine time tracking for accurate and effective preventive maintenance. Allows technician to access and record hours of operation without entering tractor cab.


120 amp power for quicker battery charging.

Appearance Package (073036)
The diamond plate top cover dresses up any rig, moving or standing still.
Brushed Stainless Steel Condenser Cover (005011)
Adds additional corrosion protection as well as that finishing touch.

Exhaust Tube Extension (073030)
Extension for new short tube exhaust pipe.

 Flush Mount Kits

(See dealer for ordering information)
Special mounting kit which keeps the top of the unit flush with the top of the tractor frame rail.

  • 130 dedicated amp needed for proper DPF Regeneration.
  • Tractor duty load + 130 amps for DPF need to be combined to determine tractor alternator size needed for application.
  • Under sizing may result in tractor voltage issue & improper regeneration.
  • 35” of frame rail space needed for installation of APU with DPF

New, CONFIGURABLE, Easy-to-Use In-Cab Controller

(For a printable brochure, click here »)


TURNING THE SYSTEM ON - Press and hold the Mode Selection
  • 1 second - turns the system ON.
  • 3 seconds - turns the system OFF.
NOTE: The display will dim after two minutes if no selections are
made. “Bump” the On/Off mode selection knob to activate the
display for an additional two minutes.

MODE SELECTION - Rotate the Mode Selection knob to choose
between A/C, Fan, or Heat.

TEMPERATURE SELECTION - Rotate the Temperature Selection
knob to raise or lower the temperature set point.

FAN SPEED SELECTION - Rotate FAN Speed knob to desired fan
speed (Off-Low-Medium-High).
NOTE: Groups of four LED’s will illuminate to represent the selected
fan speed.



Standby Icon - The STBY icon is illuminated when the system is in
Standby or Monitor mode. To change the mode from Standby to
HVAC, bump the Mode Selection Knob or turn any one of the knobs.

Alarm Icon - The Alarm icon is illuminated either red or yellow if the
system has an active alarm:
  • Yellow - Check Alarms
  • Red - Shutdown Alarms

Along with the Red Shutdown Alarm Icon, one of the green alarm
LED’s (ENG, ALT, ACS) will also illuminate to help identify the problem
  • ENG - engine related alarms
  • ALT - alternator or charging system alarms
  • ACS - air conditioning system related alarms
NOTE: Turning the controller off and back on will clear all alarms displayed. Contact the nearest Thermo King Dealer if alarms continue.



This selection provides sleeper compartment air conditioning.
The A/C will shut off when sleeper compartment temperature
reaches the set point selected by the control panel. If the sleeper
compartment temperature rises several degrees above set point the
APU will restart.

With the APU system ON:
  • Rotate MODE knob (A) to A/C position.
  • Rotate TEMP knob (B) to raise/lower desired temperature.
  • Rotate FAN knob (C) to desired fan speed (Low-Medium-High).
When the A/C system is on, the fan speed will default to low.
There is no off setting while the A/C is operating.

NOTE: Groups of four LED’s will illuminate to represent the selected
fan speed.



This selection allows circulation of the air inside the sleeper

With the system ON:
  • Rotate MODE knob (A) to FAN position.
  • Rotate FAN knob (C) to desired fan speed (Off-Low-Medium-

NOTE: Groups of four LED’s will illuminate to represent the selected
fan speed.



The cab heater regulates the sleeper compartment temperature to
the set point selected with the control panel. The cab heater has an
internal fan which operates independently of the control panel.
When Heat Mode is selected the evaporator fan speed will default to
off. The evaporator fan can be operated to provide additional air

With the system ON:
  • Rotate MODE knob (A) to HEAT position.
  • Rotate FAN knob (C) to desired fan speed (Off-Low-Medium-
NOTE: OFF is the default and recommended fan speed setting.
Heated air will be provided by the heater’s internal fan.


The APU control system continually monitors operation and can generate several alarm codes. If the APU has an alarm condition an illuminated icon on the control panel will be displayed.
  • YELLOW - Check Alarm. This alarm serves as a notice to take corrective action at the earliest convenience before a problem become severe. The system will continue to operate but some features and functions may be inhibited or disabled.
  • RED - Shutdown Alarm. This alarm serves as a notice that a potentially severe problem exists and immediate corrective action should be taken. The system will not operate. Along with the Red Shutdown Alarm Icon, one or more green alarm LED’s (ENG, ALT, ACS) will also illuminate to help identify the problem area(s).
Clearing Alarms
Alarm codes can be cleared by turning the controller off and back on again. If the condition that caused the alarm still exists, the alarm will return. Contact the nearest Thermo King Dealer if alarms continue to appear.

Warranty Summary
Terms of the Thermo King Limited Express Warranty are available upon request.

Extended Warranty
Several Extended Warranty options are available for your TriPac system. Choose a flexible program and select the warranty period, deductible and hours of operation that best meet your needs. Ask your local Thermo King dealer about nationwide coverage plans.

For more details about our Thermo King warranty, click here »


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